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Rauschfeld creates music videos, live visuals and music.

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Some sunday afternoon shenanigangs with instancing, noise, and feedback in TouchDesigner. The audio is a loop from an unreleased track. Tilt-shifty blur added in Final Cut.

Music video »Sensor Mod (Deep Face)«


Here I’m using the 1920s timelapse footage of plants like I did in Drone 2.12.24, but in a very different way. The flower videos were glitched using displacement and feedback loops in TouchDesigner and composited with a background made with GlitchNES that was filmed off of a CRT TV. These videos were further glitched with Resolume Arena and then edited in Final Cut Pro.

Also for the long drone part I took a photo of my eye and used the same displacement glitch method as with the flowers. In this case the displacement is controlled with a very slow LFO in TouchDesigner, so the effect keeps getting stronger the longer it is visible.

Music video »Drone 2.12.24«


For this video I experimented with particles and different kinds of feedback. Source for the particles was this 1920s timelapse footage of plants blossoming. A lot of time went into preparing the footage, including upscaling, cleaing, luma-keying, editing, and positioning. The feedback loops in TouchDesigner were reset every 16 beats to match the pitch bend in the music.

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