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Rauschfeld creates live visuals, music videos and music.

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Null Sphere


An audioreactive visualizer, made in TouchDesigner. Music made in Ableton.

VJing at GPN22 in Karlsruhe


I had the oppurtunity to play the awesome GPN-Lounge visual setup (hexagons!) with AA Battery (live set on Friday), k_ttu (DJ set on Friday), and MadTixx (DJ set on Saturday) at GPN22 in Karlsruhe from May 30 to June 2.

Here are some impression from my sets. All photos were taken by klemmi and were released under CC-BY-SA-4.0.

wide view of the stage Wide view of the stage with the two projectors visible in front of the screen.

AA Battery and Rauschfeld on stage AA Battery (left) doing the bleeps and bloops with his Nintendo DS setup, me doing visual stuff.

visuals on seven hexagons AA Battery x Rauschfeld

Rauschfeld at work on stage At work on stage during my set with k_ttu

glitchy visuals on a hexagon For k_ttu’s dark and bass heavy set I went pretty hard on the glitches and tried to tone down my usual rather colorful style a bit.

glitchy visuals on seven hexagons k_ttu x Rauschfeld

glitchy visuals on seven hexagons k_ttu x Rauschfeld

glitchy visuals on a hexagon k_ttu x Rauschfeld

GESTALT_V17 / RF___240505:1923


Some sunday afternoon shenanigangs with instancing, noise, and feedback in TouchDesigner. The audio is a loop from an unreleased track. Tilt-shifty blur added in Final Cut.

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