Live Visuals for MADTIXX’s GPN21 Set

MADTIXX delivered a banging techno/progressive house set at GPN21 and I got to do live visuals for the recorded set.

The visuals were performed live in Resolume using a MIDI controller, with the recorded set playing and providing FFT data for Resolume. The remixed video for “FBI (GulaschDub)” (the first track in the set) was edited and added after the recording to get the right timings for the scenes in sync with the music and voices.

I prepared three major “themes” for the set:

Also, I made heavy use of 2D animation loops, most of them by Laak and some by Micah Buzan. I also used a few 3D elements, some of them were made by me in Blender, most of them again by the awesome Laak.

In Resolume I grouped the clips and loops into eight decks that made sense to me and then it was just a matter of performing and improvising the visuals to the music.

Video for MADTIXX “FBI”

MADTIXX has produced an acid house track and I made the music video for it.

The video consists soley of (looped) scenes from the 1980s HK action comedy Mad Mission 2. I ran all scenes it through my analogue video glitching setup and rerecorded it on the computer to give the scenes an appropriate glitched VHS/analogue video look. Looping was partially made in Resolume, but most of the arranging and video looping was done manually in Final Cut.

Glowstick Glitterati

A drum’n’bass’n’chiptune track made in Renoise, mixed and mastered in Logic.

For the video I made some hand drawn animations with Looom on the iPad and used them as a mask in Resolume Avenue over a glitched video of a fashion show. I added some effects in Resolume, recorded several versions and edited it all in Final Cut.

Our Love Is Frequency

A heavily 90s inspired jungle track, made in Renoise with synth samples from my E-Mu Orbit 9090.

The video is based on this video from the Prelinger Archive. The morphing 3D cube is a render I made in Blender 3D, the animated diamond shape pattern is from Laak’s “Hand” VJ loop pack.

I used some effects in Resolume Avenue (like mirror, delay RGB, etc.) and then sent everything though my analogue video setup for some glitches and feedback. I re-recorded those scenes and edited everything in Final Cut Pro.

The break is of course the famous Amen break, the bass sample and the voice samples are taken from the first Zero-G Datafile CD. All the synth samples I sampled from my E-Mu Orbit 9090 “The Dance Planet” rack mount synth, which has all the 90s dance sound presets you can imagine. Processing wise I used Arturia’s Cold Fire distortion plugin and Shaper Box, mostly for bass distortion and wobble. Mixing and mastering were done in Logic Pro.

Terrific Like This (Goddamn Noise)

Some 90s inspired rave/acid fun. The video consists of some 80s aerobics videos and footage from the 1984 olympics - everything went through several of my circuit bent analogue video devices, was post-processed in Resolume, and edited in Final Cut Pro.

Das Leuchten

the video was made with a sloppily 3d-scanned selfie, some 3d animations rendered in blender, and two particle videos by laak. all of this was processed through my circuit-bent analogue video setup and captured in resolume, then edited in final cut pro.

Das Universum

blob animation rendered in blender, played back in resolume and glitched through circuit bent jvc jx-c7 video corrector and a circuit bent hama se processor 156. feedback and mixing with edirol v-4 and panasonic wj-ave5, send/return and syncing with cyberboy666’s syncope.

The Latest Colors & Styles of Imkerei (im Portfolio)

a somewhat weird, nonsensical, stupid-fun track that was composed on the dirtywave m8 tracker and mixed + mastered bei thomas kerstgens.

the video was made using animations by micah buzan and some 3D animated blobs that i made in blender. everything was processed and glitched through my analog video setup and then edited in final cut pro.

old janx spirit

»old janx spirit« was made with my build of the lofi future GBS 8100 feedback video synthesizer. the footage was edited to the beat of the song in final cut pro. music by me. “surreal orb” animations by micah buzan.

royal blue, but completely different

this was made with the GBS 8100, the GSE VEP-2 video effect processor, and the edirol V-4 mixer. everything was filmed off of a CRT TV and edited in final cut pro. music by me. animations by micah buzan.

programmschleife 1

»programmschleife 1« is the first release of my audio-visual project TELE83 and trip through german television from the 1970s and 1980s. made with the lofi future GBS 8100 and video feedback, filmed off of a 21" CRT TV, and edited in final cut pro. music by me.

programmschleife 2

»programmschleife 2« is the second TELE83 release. for the second release the themes are vintage japanese commercials, video games, and television shows from the 1990s. made with the lofi future GBS 8100 and video feedback through the panasonic WJ-AVE 5 and edirol V-4 mixers, filmed off of a 21" CRT TV, and edited in final cut pro. music by me.

sandfoermchen 3

this video was performed in realtime with the music, using the synesthesia video processing software, glitching some old skate boarding footage. music by me, composed on eurorack modular synthesizer, recorded in one take.

krantz 11

this video was performed in realtime with the music with the synesthesia video processing software. music by me, composed on eurorack modular synthesizer, recorded in one take.